How To Get The SmartTeller SmartBox

Do you even know about the SmartTeller Box? We provide the SmartTeller Box for financial cooperatives to become fully digital, our SmartTeller Box is ₦70,000. we will be ready to purchase from you when you whenever you intend to dispose this device, once its in good condition as you received it. The SmartTeller Box is given to cooperatives that require it for their Tellers(those that go out to collect money from their customers for cooperatives). The SmartTeller Box allows you make Deposits and Withdrawals. Another stroke of ‘Amazing’ is that you immediately get SMS alert, email alert for people that have their email address filled and they also get a proof of your transaction which is the receipt that the SmartTeller Box prints out as soon as the transaction is approved. This allows for accountability because both parties have as proof of transaction, making the customers pretty confident.

Steps to be taken:

Firstly you must be a registered cooperative

Fill the SmartBox application form

  • Payment 

The cooperative/individual   is required to pay a sum of 60,000 naira as collateral before the device can be sent to them.

The collateral is to cover for any possible damage if need be, but if there is no damage when the device is returned 30,000 naira will be returned to the cooperative/individual .

  • Sign the agreement 

The cooperative/individual  must properly sign the document sent to him/her  and must send it back to our mail before further processing for the delivery can be done.

  • Delivery of  the Device  

For the device to be sent to the cooperative, all the delivery cost must be covered by the cooperative/individual.

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